The Quality Staff Difference

It doesn't matter if you're a sole trader or a large company - Quality Staff is dedicated to working with you to provide a total recruitment solution that meets your individual needs.

business support

Quick quotes – just ask! | Quick turnaround times | Broad range of skills available to you right now | Reasonable hourly rates

Temporary office staff can offer you a quick solution to a range of unexpected situations such as increased workloads, absences or position vacancies. We can organise an experienced replacement to ensure your company outcomes are met no matter the situation.

What you get:

  • Experienced staff – now
  • Reasonable hourly charge rates
  • You only pay for the hours you use (4 hour minimum)
  • No recruitment costs
  • Staff available for peak periods and emergencies
  • Tested competency using the specified software required
  • Staff who are tested and educated on WHS responsibilities in the workplace
  • You receive only one weekly invoice (Inclusive of GST), no payroll tax, no WorkCover levy, no payrolling, no group certificates
  • Rights to work in Australia verified
  • 24 hour service available – phone answered by a quality staff member based in SA 24-7

 If you are ultimately seeking to fill a role, please ask about our temp-to-perm options.


Quick quotes – just ask! | Quick turnaround times | Licences and Tickets Verified | PPE Provided | Reasonable hourly rates

Temporary staff can offer your Company many advantages whether you are looking for long or short term solutions.


  • Experienced staff immediately available
  • Industrial staff undertake Functional Capacity Testing prior to commencement, this includes physical  job specific task matching, drug/alcohol testing, full day fitness, hearing and audio
  • You only pay for the hours you use (4 hour minimum)
  • Staff who are tested and educated on WHS responsibilities in the workplace
  • You receive only one weekly invoice (Inclusive of GST), no payroll tax, no WorkCover levy, no payrolling, no group certificates
  • Copies of all licences and tickets are kept on file
  • Rights to work in Australia verified
  • 24 hour service available – phone answered by a quality staff member based in SA 24-7
  • No recruitment costs
  • PPE provided
  • Staff available for peak periods and emergencies

If you are ultimately seeking to fill a role, please ask about our temp-to-perm options


We save you time | We guarantee the result | We have you covered

Our placement service includes the following features:

Job Specification: We will visit you to take a detailed job specification and employee specification at the time of the order, so that not only skills but personalities will be accurately matched to your needs.

Talent Bank: Our talent bank contains details from a wide range of backgrounds. At your request we can search our files for the person most suited to your company, which will save your valuable time.

Advertising: Our Consultants are experienced in writing eye-catching advertisements attracting a variety of skilled people. Many prefer to make the first approach through Quality Staff in confidence, so our advertising is a vital link between you, the employer, and prospective employees. Advertising is charged to you at cost. A budget will be negotiated prior to the commencement of any work.

Thorough Testing: All applicants undergo our stringent skills testing, so that they can be placed in positions most suited to their abilities.

Initial Screening: Each candidate regardless of how they come to be considered for the role (Ie. our talent database, advertisement, referral or general application) will receive an initial screening to ensure their basic needs, wants, expectations, skills and experience fit the requirements of your specific role.

Selection of Applicants: The recruitment service Quality Staff offers includes in-depth interviewing of applicants and careful pre-selection and verification. This ensures that the candidates presented to you are the most suited to your special requirements.

Resume Preparation: You receive a detailed resume with notes from your consultant outlining additional information.

Reference checking:  We will always do a minimum of 2 reference checks prior to placement,  we ask all the right questions to ensure we are given an accurate representation of the candidates past employment.

Guarantee: A ‘Replacement Guarantee’, offering a free replacement of any applicants who leave the organisation within 3 months of the commencement date. The Guarantee applies only if our invoice is settled within the formal trading period of fourteen days.


We take stress out of the process | Prepare your exiting staff for their next opportunity

Our outplacement services are tailor made to work closely with the exiting employees to assist and support them through the transition. We recommend they commence as soon as possible after they have received their redundancy notice. 

Our packages provide employees with:

  • A professional career assessment to identify the careers and industries that best suit them;
  • Career counselling and advice on their employment options;
  • Advice and guidance with job searching
  • Interview skills advice and coaching
  • Mock interviewing / simulated interview practice
  • How to negotiate a new starting salary with a new employer
  • An action plan to help them on their path to their next job

Interviewing is often the greatest barrier to future employment – the sessions related to interviewing are critical to future successful employment outcomes and will assist the employee to:

  • Discover how to prepare for interviews and make a great first impression;
  • Learn strategies to overcome nerves and build your confidence;
  • Find out how to build rapport with the interviewer and sell yourself effectively;
  • Learn how to answer common interview questions;
  • Get help preparing responses to behavioural-based questions;
  • Discover how to negotiate and secure a competitive salary package;
  • Get feedback on your interview skills in a practice interview; and
  • Get tips and techniques to help you stand out from other applicants.



Not set up for WorkCover? | Don’t have payrolling in-house? | Prefer to keep your options open? | This might be the service for you.

You receive only one weekly invoice (Inclusive of GST), no processing, no hassle.

Our working week is from Monday to Sunday, Payrollees are paid on a Wednesday and your business is invoiced on a Thursday with 7 day terms.

What we can do for you:

  • Timesheets processed
  • Liaise with the payrollee regarding onboarding process, start times and rostering as required
  • WorkCover Contribution – PAID
  • Payroll Tax – PAID
  • Super contribution - PAID
  • Single Touch Payroll enabled 
  • All staff provided to you through a payrolling agreement are subject to the same high standards as referred to in our “INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT’ or ‘BUSINESS SUPPORT’ sections.

    **Please note: We cannot payroll staff without meeting all Quality Staff standards.



A Real 24/7 Service | Daily Hire Specialists | Local Knowledge Applied Quickly | Reasonable Hourly Rates

24 hour a day service – Once signing on as a transport client, you will be given a 24 hour mobile number. This is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a Quality Staff team member based here in South Australia. No more having your calls answered by a call centre interstate or overseas. Our staff have all the relevant contact details available to them at all times.

We know you as a client, all our daily hire staff personally and the local suburbs and sites. This enables us to fill your requirements quickly and accurately with the right staff member.

Turnaround Times – As soon as we receive your order, we are making contact with a staffer to lock them into the shift. This means when you have a staffer call sick before their shift – we can usually have someone in their seat by the shift start time.

Daily Hire – Here at Quality Staff we run a daily hire service for many of the largest operators in South Australia.

We know schedulers and transport managers can pushed for time, orders and demand change constantly. We are here to support that work environment.

We offer many options for submitting your daily hire requirements; email, phone, fax, text – we work with your systems – not the other way around.

Our staff are extremely reactive – no waiting around to see if you can take that load or having to keep a truck parked up. We will give you answers quickly so you can keep your customers happy.

Peak and Troughs – We know workloads vary, you fill your rosters and leave the gaps – we will do the rest to make sure quotas are met every time. 

Fatigue Management – We educate, manage and report on all fatigue management breaches and keep our drivers accountable.  We require a ‘please explain’ from our drivers in any case of breach.

Toolbox Talks – While we cannot see all of our drivers each day, we are in contact constantly via phone, text and email. Each driver receives and responds to an email toolbox and quiz at least each month to keep them updated with new legislation, safety and standards in the industry.

How we make sure you have excellent staff – All staff are rigorously reviewed prior to commencing with Quality Staff and all drivers undergo the following:

  • Service SA Drivers Report outlining all demerits and points is provided on induction to Quality Staff
  • National Police History Check conducted on the induction of new staff
  • Functional Capacity Testing is completed prior to commencement by an external provider; this includes physical job specific task matching, drug/alcohol testing, full day fitness, hearing and audio
  • PPE provided
  • A minimum of 2 references are conducted on all drivers. These must be recent and work related. We ask the hard questions, not just the easy ones.
  • Staff who are tested and educated on WHS responsibilities in the workplace
  • Copies of all licences and tickets are kept on file at Quality Staff
  • Rights to work in Australia verified



Talent Management to lead you into the future | Key Roles | Exceptional Leaders

When seeking a new leader in your business it is critical not only the skill set is appropriate but your company goals and ethics are embodied in this hire. We look at the big picture and source the candidates that are not just suitable for your immediate needs - they will secure your future.

For more than 30 years, Quality Staff has worked with our clients to identify and secure the best available talent. Our approach to identifying these personnel involves assessing four key areas of capability – Knowledge, Skills, Attributes, and Culture. The best candidates are the individuals who demonstrate a match in each area, in equal measure.

Quality Staff assesses each of these areas using both technology and human based systems, which provide primary and secondary evidence of an individual’s capability and potential.

Knowledge – Quality Staff consultants are experienced in recruiting for senior roles within the sector so that they can thoroughly explore candidate’s understanding, work experience and current role, capacity and responsibilities in these positions, and their expectations for future roles.  Interviews with the candidate are the primary source of assessment and are verified through detailed referee and work history checks.

Skills –Assessing a candidate’s skills is a part of the interview process; consultants will use scenario based questions to explore candidate’s soft skills, such as leadership, decision making, and ability to influence. When required, aptitude testing relevant to the specific job can be incorporated.  Depending on the role we may select an appropriate battery of tests based on the criteria of the role; these may include abstract reasoning and written communication as examples.

Culture – how well a candidate matches the culture of an organisation or team usually determines the long-term success of the placement. To assess the potential match, Quality Staff builds an understanding of the client, and the particular team the role is associated with.  By discussing the candidate’s values and culture, Quality Staff consultants are able to identify the alignment between the organisation and the individual’s culture thus determining the best fit. 

Attributes – Quality Staff may use a behavioural profiling to build a benchmark profile from the profiles of several top performers and compare with prospective employees to predict how they will perform in the role and environment. The results of the assessment also allow our consultants to investigate the behaviours of individuals more thoroughly through subsequent interviews.